Alejandro Tejedor Calvo (1975) founded “Bancal Estudio de Arquitectura SL” (2002-2011) and “Tejedor + Asociados SL” (2002) dedicated to academic practice, design, project management and building activity.
Since 2002 I have developed  architectural and interior design projects, being in contact with the entire process, from the first idea until the smallest detail.

With more than one hundred projects (100) in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza,.. I have designed all types of buildings: hotels, singular housing, apartment buildings, logistics and industrial warehouses, sport centers, retail shops, restaurants,….

Additionally, some of my projects have been published in different Architectural Magazines: “Apavisa anual selection” (No.1,2010-11), “20 Casas” (No.37,2011), “Tendencias” (No3,2011) and “Diseño Interior” (No.239, 2012)

Developing most of my academic career as professor at the Architectural Construction Department of the Architecture School and the Building Engineering School of the Valencia Polytechnic University I continued my academic training with a 2 year Master in Building and Construction Managment at the Valencia Polytechnic University.

I created “TWYO: The World is Your Own” (2011-2013) a Non-profit organization focus on Networking related to the Architecture, connecting more than 200 students with companies in New York City, Chicago, Amsterdam (Leslie E. Robertson Associates, Gilsanz-Murray-Steficek, Omni Architects) and University programs (NYU-Poly, IIT Chicago, Delft TUV).

In September 2013, I decided start a new stage in my career, I moved to New York City to join GILSANZ- MURRAY – STEFICEK LLP, a structural engineering and building envelope consultant firm.